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Social commitment from airberlin

Social commitment is an integral part of our self image and of our strategy for sustainable development. With the support of various other organisations airberlin puts its responsibility towards people in need into practice. airberlin is particularly concerned about children.  They are often the weakest members of any society and at the same time essential for the future.

Since 2009 airberlin has been supporting the globally active aid organisation “Ein Herz für Kinder” (“a Heart for Children”) through flight vouchers and donations. This organisation, which was founded in 1978 by the publisher Axel Springer, helps children in need all over the world. In Germany, where two thirds of the donations are utilised, “Ein Herz für Kinder” combats increasing child poverty and campaigns for improved education and health measures. More than six million children live below the poverty line in Germany.  To offer these children the prospect of a future, “Ein Herz für Kinder” provides support to soup kitchens, schools, clinics, nursery schools, and social institutions and associations. The foundation is also involved in projects all around the world, such as taking care of Aids orphans in South Africa, abused children in Thailand and disadvantaged schoolchildren in Los Angeles.  The international profile of the foundation is the perfect fit for an airline operating on a global scale like airberlin, which can react efficiently and quickly in emergency situations. Following the catastrophic earthquake in Haiti in January 2010, the airline organised flights for “Ein Herz für Kinder”, delivering a total of 100 tonnes of aid just 72 hours after the natural disaster had taken place. On board the aircraft there were also doctors, nurses, engineers and logistics experts from aid organisations, who were able to save lives in the disaster area.

airberlin is also a partner of  TRIBUTE TO BAMBI, a charity foundation supported by a network of commercial enterprises, media organisations and public figures. The red chocolate heart, which is distributed as a farewell gift on the airline’s domestic flights, is sold by airberlin in the run up to Christmas as a special edition presented in a gold-coloured heart-shaped box, and the proceeds of these sales are donated to the TRIBUTE TO BAMBI foundation. The charity supports needy children in Germany through various aid programmes.

Since 1995 Germany’s second largest airline has also been sponsoring the Christiane Herzog Foundation. This organisation, which was founded by the wife of the former German President, Roman Herzog, looks after the needs of young people with cystic fibrosis, the most common hereditary metabolic disease.  Around 6,000 to 8,000 children and young adults in Germany suffer from this hitherto incurable illness. From a statistical point of view, nearly one in twenty German citizens carries the gene which can cause the disease. Every year airberlin flies children suffering from cystic fibrosis to the island of Gran Canaria for climate treatment, organises fundraising campaigns and helps to finance events arranged by the foundation.

For the past 15 years, airberlin has been supporting the AIDS relief project in Dusseldorf (AIDS-Hilfe Düsseldorf) with its annual charity event,
Help & Fly
, at Dusseldorf Airport. airberlin raises donations for the relief project through the day-long event, which includes a 90-minute flight in an Airbus A330-300 and a variety show with star guests that is held at the airport. There are about 73,000 people suffering from HIV or AIDS living in Germany. Although the number of new infections has decreased slightly, it still remains at a high level in Germany, despite many years of educational work. Through the charity event airberlin would like to draw attention to this condition which continues without a cure. The airline is sponsoring an awareness-raising programme which focuses on prevention and is free from any discrimination, stigmatisation or criminalisation of the people affected. 

The Berlin Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Berlin Chamber of Crafts have awarded the "Franz-von-Mendelssohn medal" for social commitment and dedication for the sixth time now. airberlin was honoured with the special prize for its overall concept in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).