Strategy and business model

airberlin has moved up into the premier league of the international air transport industry. Our business strategy is focused on the sustained increase in the value of the company. The airline is improving its portfolio across all its business departments, is consistently taking advantage of growth opportunities and striving for a higher level of productivity. airberlin has intensified its long-haul operations, added numerous new tourist destinations to its flight schedule, built up its hubs and thereby significantly strengthened its profile as a scheduled airline operating on a global scale. With its flexible business model, the airline is setting standards in the aviation industry and winning over business and individual travellers alike with its multi award-winning service. The combination of offering business and leisure flights, which is quite unusual in the European aviation sector, gives airberlin a clear competitive advantage. The airline continues to focus on scheduled services and tourism traffic and thus aims to play a leading role in the aviation sector in the future and consolidate its strong market position. 

airberlin’s commitment to quality focuses of course on its passengers. In the highly competitive market of the aviation industry, customer satisfaction is a valuable economic commodity. Our attractive frequent flyer program, topbonus, now has more than three million topbonus members earning status and award miles. Our customer retention is proving very successful particularly in the target group of business travellers. In the meantime airberlin has negotiated special company rates with more than 1,500 companies. The fare structure YourFare, which was introduced in the summer of 2012, is tailored to customers’ individual booking preferences and offers different fares according to these requirements. With its extensive global route network, zentral hubs in Dusseldorf and Berlin and intercontinental connections from Dusseldorf and Berlin, airberlin has become one of the world leaders in the international aviation industry. The airline has more departures from Dusseldorf to North America than ever before. airberlin offers numerous direct flights to US cities such as New York, Miami and Chicago and is thus paving the way for further growth on the US market.

The strategic partnership with Etihad Airways which was set up in December 2011 opens up unique growth opportunities for airberlin and makes excellent use of synergies in the areas of maintenance, procurement, loyalty and partnerships, route networks and business clients. The route networks of airberlin and Etihad Airways complement one another perfectly: airberlin customers, for example, have access to numerous destinations in Asia, Africa and Australia via Abu Dhabi, the hub of the national airline of the United Arab Emirates. As a member of oneworld® airberlin is consistently pursuing its goal of strengthening its international network; as part of this successful global alliance the company is not only operating alongside some of the major leading airlines in the aviation industry, but also offering other members numerous new flight connections, as a oneworld codeshare partner.

airberlin is constantly improving its product for its passengers and offers the highest quality and above average service at attractive prices. airberlin consistently adjusts its network to suit the needs of its customers and works continuously to improve efficiency and to simplify structures and processes. An optimised company cost structure also predominantly benefits passengers. For decades airberlin has successfully maintained its strong position in the business capitals and tourist destinations of Germany, Europe and across the globe. airberlin is therefore a reliable and attractive partner for passengers and tour operators.

With its international network, its frequent flyer program topbonus, its fare structure YourFare and its business model focusing on efficiency, airberlin is placed in an optimum position to face global competition.